Best Electric Coffee Percolators Consumer Reports, Tips, and Guidelines

Are you looking for the best electric coffee percolators consumer reports? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. We have you covered. We spent time reviewing, checking, and gathering a list of the top performers. If you’re in the market for a new coffee maker, be sure to check out our recommendations. Whether you’re looking for a simple model or one with all the bells and whistles, we’ve got you covered. So what are you waiting for? Check out our list and find the perfect percolator for your needs!

Best Electric Coffee Percolators Consumer Reports

Let’s have a look at a wide variety of coffee percolators to find the best ones on the market. We’ll tell you which ones made the cut, so you can pick the perfect one for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a basic model or something more advanced, we have you covered. Keep reading to learn more!

If you are in the market for one, here is what you need to know. Unlike drip coffee makers that rely on gravity and a water reservoir to pass water through ground coffee through hotplate heating, percolators use pressurized boiling water forced up through a narrow tube that spirals through the grounds in the filter basket below. This all happens very quickly, so it’s important to have decent control over temperature if you want to brew a great pot of joe. The end result should be evenly extracted coffee with no bitterness or sediment (provided your grind size is correct).

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Top 10 Best Electric Coffee Percolators Consumer Reports to Buy

For the best electric coffee percolators, consumer reports you’ve come to the right place. We have everything you need to know about these appliances-how they work, which ones made the cut, our top picks, and more!

We put various models and brands on reviews and we ended up with 10 top performers that deserve a mention. We did favor those models with better construction materials and more features such as automatic shut-off, non-stick warming plate, water window, insulated carafe, and so on.

What are electric coffee percolators?

Electric percolators are popular in homes and offices for their quick brewing cycle, ease of use, low maintenance, reliability, durability, and convenience. Many models can produce up to 12 cups of brewed coffee. There are also smaller 6 cup models available for those with smaller coffee needs. You can pick up a good electric percolator for under $20, but be prepared to spend upwards of $150 for one that will meet your needs and last a long time.

Electric percolators take about 10 – 20 minutes to brew a pot depending on desired strength. They come in either glass or stainless steel carafes with a heating element underneath the unit base to keep it hot while brewing is completed. Most models have cord storage located underneath the base plate and automatic shut off when the designated water level is reached in the reservoir or if boiling over should occur during use. One of the best features of an electric percolator is that you do not have to attention to it while it’s brewing. Once you set the temperature and time, you can walk away and tend to other house chores or go about your work while your coffee brews!

Type of electric coffee percolators

There are several types of electric coffee percolators. The most common ones on the market today are glass and stainless steel models with a detachable cord for easy storage, removable filter baskets to make cleaning easier, warming plates to keep brewed coffee hot, water level windows to monitor water levels during brewing, and insulated carafes for insulation during serving.

Popular Brands

Mr. Coffee

Mr. Coffee is one of the best-known brands in the world of drip coffee makers. They recently branched out into other appliances such as iced tea brewers, sandwich makers, slow cookers, and more! The particular model comes with adjustable temperature control and features a detachable cord and automatic shut-off.

Hamilton Beach

This company has been in business since 1910, producing small household appliances such as percolators, fryers, iced tea brewers, and more. Their popular model has a removable cord for easy storage and automatic shut-off when it’s done brewing.


Known for its quality cast stainless steel exterior construction in all kitchen products including percolators, stockpots, and coffee makers in general, Farberware believes that durability should be a standard feature in every product they sell. This is why their line of electric percolators have a chrome-plated grille to evenly distribute temperature under the pot for even brewing and a stay warm heater plate during serving. Their popular cup coffee percolator is convenient with its cord storage feature, removable filter basket for easy cleaning, and automatic shut off when it’s done brewing.


This Australian-based company has spread its wings in North America by designing high-end small household appliances to enhance the dining experience found in homes everywhere. One of their latest models is designed with barista experts to deliver cafe quality results every time! With an integrated burr grinder, you can just add whole beans, remove the lid, and press grind for fresh ground goodness that will result in rich, flavorful coffee. It also features multi-use baskets (single shot & double shot) that are removable, an in-built conical burr grinder for grinding coffee beans to brew straight into the filter-basket, and an easy clean function.


This brand is relatively new in the market of electric coffee percolators, but they are quickly making their presence known by providing high-quality products with all the bells and whistles. Their new model is called “The Beast” because of its strong 1250 watt heating element that can bring water to a full boil under 3 minutes! It also features adjustable temperature control, insulated carafe design for serving without burns, pulse brew system where you can control the strength of taste by pushing down on the plunger, multi-functions (showerhead/waterfall), automatic safety shut off when the kettle is removed or water is below the minimum level and cord storage.

What should I look for when buying an electric coffee percolator?

When looking at coffee percolators there are a few things you need to consider to ensure you get the best one for your needs.

1. Type of percolator

There are two types you can pick up at your local department store or online – glass or stainless steel. The glass models are much cheaper, but if you drop them they will most likely break, so be careful with these around kids and pets! Also, the coffee flavor may have a slight plastic taste to it after brewing in the carafe for some time. If this doesn’t bother you then go ahead and buy one, if not consider a stainless steel model. It’s also important to mention that there are electric stovetop percolators available as well which can work great too, but need more attention than an electric unit and tend to require higher heat levels and more time to properly brew your coffee.

2. Size

The size of the carafe is important because some can only hold up to 4 cups of brewed coffee while others are good for 12 cups or even more if you have a large family! If you drink coffee with guests often, go big and get one that will be able to serve everyone at once. Otherwise, consider a smaller unit that takes less electric power to heat up-which equates to lower energy bills too!

3. Features

It’s important not to buy an appliance without knowing what it offers first right? There are glass models with built-in straws for easy serving, models with lids that open automatically, ones with removable components for easy cleaning, insulated carafes with stay-cool handles, and more! Be sure to check out what you get for your money before putting it in your shopping cart.

4. Cord storage

If the unit has a cord, be sure it will retract smoothly without any issues so that you can store it away from pets and children who could easily get entangled with an exposed power cord. Also, if possible get a model with cord storage underneath the base plate to keep your kitchen counter free of unnecessary clutter.

5 . Price

As always, don’t spend more than you have to on appliances because they’re bound to break at one point or another. Trust us when we say that there are some amazing models available for next to nothing-you just need to know where to look!

6. Construction materials

This is open for various opinions but we put more value on those made from stainless steel as it provides longer durability and carafes with nonstick coating to ensure easy cleaning.

7. Brand

There are certain brands out there that create high-quality products that last, while others tend to offer only cheap units that breakfast. As with all appliances you get what you pay for, so be sure to do some research on your potential new unit and learn how long the company has been in business before buying.

8 . Warranty

Most electric coffee percolators come with a standard 1-year warranty on manufacturing defects-which is more than enough time to decide if you like it or not. Also check if it’s possible to return the product if unsatisfied for any reason at all, because some companies may allow this while others won’t even reply after they’ve received the unit back, which means goodbye money!

A warranty shows that the company is willing to stand behind their product and we definitely like this because it means (in the event something breaks or stops working properly) you won’t be overcharged for replacement parts and can keep drinking your favorite coffee until you find a replacement.

9 . Customer service

If you ever have a problem with your unit, good customer service is important in the way that they will help you resolve any issues or concerns you might have. In conclusion, we’ve given you all the information about percolators to allow you to make an educated decision when buying one for yourself.

10. Design

This is more of a personal preference but can be helpful because some units come with hinged lids that make serving easy and others may have removable drip trays or other attributes to help you clean up or serve coffee. We feel it all depends on what you need in your very own percolator so consider the design carefully before taking the plunge.

We’re all about looking here at Percolator Pros because coffee is an art! Look for models with classic designs so that the percolator can sit right next to your drip coffee maker without giving off an industrial feel altogether. If this is what you want then go ahead and get one of the beautiful vintage-designed French presses available online to match your style!

11. Capacity

As we’ve mentioned earlier, some units can hold 4 cups while others are good for 12 at once. This all depends on what you like to drink and if you’ll be serving guests often or not.

12. Cord length

If the unit has a power cord, make sure it’s long enough to reach an outlet from your kitchen counter without any issues whatsoever? Also, an electrical cord with a non-slip coating may prevent accidents from happening in the future!

13. Durability

We put a high value on those that last and create an amazing flavor to serve our guests with time and time again. If possible, look for a model that features stainless steel construction materials and other durable components that will help you save money by not replacing it anytime soon.

14. Carafe material

Coffee stays hot when served in glass carafes so be sure this is the material you want to serve your coffee in. Many prefer this type of carafe because it looks great and is easy to clean up after.

15. Heat-resistant handles

Some carafes may come with attached handles that can get hot when the percolator is brewing, so be sure to look for a model where this isn’t an issue at all.

16. Automatic shut off

A good safety feature we like to see in percolators is an automatic shut-off because it allows you to pour coffee and come back later without worrying about burning your hands or spilling boiling water everywhere and creating a huge mess in your kitchen area.

17. Gauge

As we’ve mentioned earlier in our reviews, sometimes you want a glass carafe instead of metal ones which is why looking for stainless steel percolators with gauges on them will help you decide if they’re dishwasher safe or not before buying one.

The advantages and disadvantages of using electric coffee percolators:


1. More flavor and deeper taste because the water gets boiled and re-boiled multiple times! This is an excellent feature for those who like strong coffee all the time.

2. The fact that the unit automatically shuts off means you can leave it on while brewing to save time and not worry about overcooking your coffee beans or other ingredients in the process. It’s a nice feature to have especially for beginners, but we recommend getting one with an adjustable heat setting so you can brew your own quality coffee at any desired temperature.

3 . Some units come with thermal carafes that help keep your freshly brewed coffee hot until you serve it to guests or yourself which is we love them too! When you’re ready to pour, the lid and spout open and close so you don’t have to worry about spilling coffee everywhere if you accidentally move it around.

4 . It’s an innovative way of brewing your own gourmet coffee that tastes like those popular cafes we all love with a French press but easier! This is the best combination because you can experiment with flavors and ingredients without any limitations whatsoever.

5 . Since percolators heat water faster than regular drip coffee makers, they make it possible for you to brew coffee in less time without sacrificing flavor or taste! You’ll enjoy having one of these around when friends and family come over for gatherings which is why we highly recommend getting at least one percolator for your kitchen area today!


1. They’re large and may take up a lot of space in your kitchen area so if this is an issue, you’ll have to consider other options instead.

2 . They may not be the best option if you need more than 4 cups at once because some models can’t hold that many without a mess being created which is why it’s important to find a quality product that does what you want it to do!

3 . The glass carafes may become hot when they’re brewing coffee, especially if the heat settings are high which makes them difficult or dangerous to handle while serving guests.

4 . Some percolators don’t last long due to shoddy construction materials and components which make replacement necessary after a year or two depending on how often you use it.

5 . The stainless steel outside of the percolator may become hot to touch especially if you’ve used heat settings that are too high which is why you need to take precautions before using one of these methods for brewing your own coffee at home.

We hope all of these pieces of advice help you make an educated purchase on your new percolator that will last you years and serve you with amazing flavor time after time!

FAQs – Best electric coffee percolators consumer reports

How to maintain electric coffee percolators?

1. Clean the filter basket and keep it dry after each use so that it can last longer.

2. Wash the percolator in hot, soapy water and rinse well with cool water to avoid mineral buildups later on down the road.

3. Ensure the cord is unplugged when storing or cleaning it in order to prevent accidents from happening.

4 . Regularly clean out any loose coffee grounds that have accumulated inside of it before reassembling for storage purposes or serving up delicious cups of joe every day!

5 . Grind your coffee fine enough to get a strong flavor without clogging up the filter holes found inside of some units because this could lead to other issues down the line such as mineral deposits or a bad taste in your cup of coffee.

What are the differences between electric and stovetop coffee percolators?

Electric models tend to be more convenient for those who want instant cups of joe on demand without having to wait for boiling water and drip brew times that can take longer than what some people would like, but it must be plugged into an electrical outlet or wall plug in order to function properly.  Stovetop percolators tend to use less electricity and you don’t have to worry about the cord so they’re great if you live somewhere with limited space such as an RV or boat.  Additionally, some units come with glass carafes instead of stainless steel so keep this in mind!

How do electric coffee percolators work?

One of the great things about electric percolators is that they are fairly easy to operate. Simply put your ground coffee in the filter basket, add water to the carafe, put on the lid, and plug it in. After a few minutes, your fresh brew is ready! Just pour yourself a cup or two when you’re ready. You can also keep it on the base without burning up all its energy so that when you want another cup an hour later, it will still be nice and hot for you!.

What size should I buy my coffee maker in?

This depends on how much coffee you drink at home. If you have a large family or entertain often, go for a larger machine that can serve more cups at once. Smaller machines are perfect for 1-2 people, but if you’re anything like me, I drink enough coffee in one day to keep my family happy! So for the sake of not having to make multiple pots every morning before work or school, I suggest going with a larger size.

What are the benefits of using an electric percolator?

Not only do they brew great-tasting coffee quickly and effortlessly, but they are also very easy to use. Some models include advanced features such as programmable start times so you don’t have to worry about setting it up in advance – the coffee will be ready when you wake up in the morning. Plus, since these can be left on the heating element for several hours, you don’t have to constantly monitor it, allowing you to do other things like read your paper or catch up on today’s news.

Which features should I look for in an electric percolator?

Some of the most important considerations when buying a new coffee maker are: heat resistance and durability, programmable start times, how many people will be using it, and whether you want a basic model or one with all the bells and whistles. If this is going to be used daily by multiple people, make sure that they are easy to clean and free from any BPA material. Also, look at cord length – some machines come with longer power cords while others may not reach your kitchen outlets.

What are the benefits of using a stovetop percolator?

Stovetop percolators might be old school but they’re not obsolete! These cool-looking, easy-to-use little coffee makers are made from durable materials like stainless steel or glass which also come with their own lids (so you don’t burn your hands). The water will boil inside the bottom chamber and is forced up over the grounds in the filter basket above. To keep it clean, just run some soapy water through before placing the metal base on top of it after each use. It’s that simple!

Can I leave my electric coffee maker on all day?

Some models may have an “on” light indicator, but if this doesn’t bother you then go ahead and leave it on. Just make sure to empty out the water from the carafe before you go to bed so that it doesn’t get too hot for your next cup in the morning.

How much should I spend on an electric percolator?

Price can vary depending on the size of the carafe, power, features, and more. If you’re looking for a small yet effective unit that can brew around 4 cups at once, you will find one for under $10 -$20 dollars easily. Going with a larger unit capable of 14-16 cup batches will be closer to $50-$75 dollars typically. On the other end of the spectrum are high-end models made out of stainless steel with 12 to 15 cup capacities that might cost up to $130 dollars or more.

How do I clean my electric percolator?

It depends on the model but most of them are dishwasher safe. Some include “basket” filters while others have paper ones – both will need to be replaced periodically. Check the instruction manual to be sure, as some require that you clean the inside with a small brush or wipe it down with a damp cloth from time to time.

How do I use a stovetop percolator?

A stovetop percolator is very easy to use and assemble – just fill its lower chamber up to the “max” line with water, place the cone-shaped filter basket on top of the chamber, and put the coffee grounds in. Place this over medium-low heat until your water starts boiling and then let it go for about 5 minutes (or more if you want stronger coffee). When finished, remove from heat and allow it to cool for another minute or two before removing either brewing chamber from body/base of the unit.


We hope our best electric coffee percolators consumer reports helped you find the perfect pick.

If you’re ready to buy, here is what we recommend. We hope the information we provided has been helpful, and that you’ve found a model worth checking out! If you still aren’t sure which one to pick, we suggest going with our top choice – it’s an excellent all-around machine for the money and comes highly recommended by users everywhere. Believe us when we say: once you’ve had a cup of coffee pressurized brewed by this model, you’ll never go back to those old drip machines again! It makes great coffee quickly and easily for everyone in the family.

There are many electric models available today at various price points. However, some come with extra features such as different warming settings and maintain-heating options. Knowing how much coffee you drink, whether it’s one cup or several at a time, will help you decide which is the best coffee maker for your needs. Whether drip/filter, espresso, French press, or vacuum pot style is your favorite then we’ve got the perfect electric percolator for you! Check out all our reviews to find the best one that suits your needs and taste!

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