Best whipped cream chargers to buy – Tips and guidelines

Are you looking for the best whipped cream chargers (best whipping cream chargers, or best whip cream chargers)? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll be discussing the top whipped cream chargers on the market today. In addition, we’ll recommend the best whipped cream chargers for your needs, as well as share a few tips for getting that perfect consistency. We’ll also provide a buyer’s guide to help you choose the charger that is perfect for your needs.

What could be better than having a delicious and decadent whipped cream topping on your dessert? Or enjoying a refreshing glass of sparkling soda topped with whipped cream? With the right tool, whipping cream into submission is easy and can be done in minutes. We’ll explore some of the best whipped cream chargers on the market and share our top picks. So what are you waiting for? Read on to learn more about whipped cream chargers!

What are whipped cream chargers?

Whipped cream chargers are small, pre-filled cylinders of nitrous oxide (N2O) whipped cream propellant used to quickly dispense whipped cream. Small single-use (or in some cases refillable) canisters like these make it easy to prepare or top desserts on the fly. Used throughout the restaurant world, these chargers provide a way for chefs and bartenders to add a special touch to their dishes. Though they often get referred to as “CO 2 cartridges”, which is technically correct, they don’t contain carbon dioxide gas but rather N 2 O – so we’ll be using the proper term hereon in…

Whipped cream chargers are used by bartenders, bakers, chefs, restaurant owners, food producers & home cooks to quickly and efficiently create a light and fluffy topping for pies, cakes, milkshakes, sundaes, and more. In other words, whipped cream chargers are used to quickly dispense whipped cream. They’re often used by restaurants, bakeries, bars, coffee shops, catering companies & regular consumers at home who want to decorate desserts or beverages with high-quality whipped cream on demand. Disposable whipped cream chargers are also commonly used in consumer whipped cream whippers. The canisters themselves come in different sizes — typically 8g, 12g, and 16g — with some brands offering 5g chargers for mini portions or individual drinks.

Top 10 Best Whipped Cream Chargers

There are dozens upon dozens of brands, styles, and sizes to consider when purchasing whipped cream chargers. However, if you’re after the top-of-the-line whipped cream chargers, look no further. Below is the list of the top 10 best whipped cream chargers that you can consider as your choices – so you can rest assured that you’ll be satisfied.

Factors to consider when buying the best whipped cream chargers

There are several key factors to consider when shopping for the best whipped cream chargers. What you need your charger(s) for will determine which features and functionality is most important to you. Here are a few things to think about:

Durability :

If you plan on using your whipped cream chargers at home, look for something that is made of high-quality, heavy-duty materials. But if you need to use the charger(s) regularly in a commercial setting, durability becomes even more crucial.


In order to get the most out of every whipped cream charger, you’ll want to find one that can be used across a range of different dispensers. This will help you maximize your investment and avoid having to buy different chargers for different devices. However, if you already own or plan on owning a particular type of dispenser (such as nitrous oxide for soda siphons), make sure the whipped cream chargers are compatible with this device.

Charging Speed:

The speed at which the propellant is released from the charger impacts how long it takes to whip up a batch of whipped cream – so it’s something to take into account when shopping around.

Quantity :

How many chargers do you need? If buying them individually, how much can you afford per charger? What size are they? Keep in mind that some brands offer multi-packs containing multiple chargers for discounted prices.

Number of Uses :

Some chargers are single-use while others can be used multiple times. If you need your chargers to last, consider those that are reusable.

Charging Time :

Single-use chargers usually take about 25 seconds – 35 seconds to completely charge, but it varies from brand to brand and also by size. For those with a slow flow, make sure you have some on hand for more immediate use.


Whipped cream chargers come in a variety of sizes. Many standard types are 8g, 12g, and 16g units. Some brands offer 5g units for mini portions or individual use and larger 50g units that typically dispense less volume per trigger pull than their smaller counterparts. An 8-12 gram cartridge is usually enough to top two drinks and the bigger models can be used to whip up a nice batch of dessert topping or an entire pitcher/bowl of whipped cream. Make sure you get the correct size when buying your charger cartridges!


Chargers vary in price considerably depending on the size and type of unit you choose. They typically cost anywhere from $0.50 to $1 per cartridge, although some retailers charge more for certain brands. Honestly, we find the difference in flavor between most chargers to be negligible; we tend to go with whichever is cheapest or on sale…


Some whipped cream chargers are recyclable (most notably those that use N 2 O) like SodaStream canisters, while others like nitrous oxide cartridges must be thrown out after one use as they contain no re-sealable valves and thus cannot retain their pressure even when stored—and these include many “disposable” canisters found at popular grocery and drug store chains. Make sure to check with your local municipality before buying if you want to recycle the chargers yourself.

Container material:

Whipped cream chargers are typically made from aluminum or steel, but occasionally you’ll find models made from other materials like plastic or even glass. In most cases this is purely a matter of preference, depending on what types of dishes and drinks you plan on using for your whipped cream dispenser – some plastics can impart a chemical taste into some beverages, while some metals will alter the flavor of acidic ingredients in cocktails which will affect the final taste. We suggest asking a lot of questions at your local retailer if you’re unsure about which type of material works best for different applications!


Whipped cream chargers are offered by hundreds of brands, some household names and some lesser-known. You’ll find the most options available at popular restaurant supply stores, where you can buy in bulk to save on each unit. If price is your primary concern for this type of item, look for sales or coupons at your local store where you might be able to get two-for-one deals or discounted prices if you buy large quantities.

Ease of use:

Most whipped cream chargers require only that you screw the gas container into a dispenser and then turn it on. Some brands let you use their canisters with other manufacturers’ dispensing systems and vice versa, and this is usually noted in the product descriptions or stated on websites where they sell custom chargers.

The best whipped cream chargers are simple to use and easy to clean afterward. You don’t want something too complicated or else it might drive up labor costs unnecessarily.


Most chargers are able to keep their contents under pressure for months or even years without freezing or being adversely affected by cold temperatures, but if you plan on using your charger cartridges outdoors during winter months where it might be below freezing then you should ask about potential temperature restrictions. For example, some models can only tolerate temperatures between -4°F (-20°C) and 120°F (50°C) or they risk losing their gas pressure or becoming damaged. Buying from a reputable brand will help ensure that you don’t encounter issues with frozen cans!

Benefits of Whip Cream Chargers

Foodies, bartenders, and other culinary professionals have taken advantage of whipped cream chargers for years to boost creativity in the kitchen and behind the bar…


Whipped cream chargers are incredibly versatile tools that can be used with all sorts of ingredients—not just heavy cream! You might see references online to using them with “froth” or “foam”, which is basically any combination of airy ingredients that are mixed into a liquid. This includes everything from fresh fruit juices to beer cocktails, fine spirits, chocolate sauces, jams, flavored syrups, soups/stocks, or anything else your imagination can think up! Since you’re not restricted by the viscosity or fat content of dairy products like milk, cream, or half and half, you can create any type of consistency from thin froth to thick foam for all types of dishes.

Preparation speed:

Since a small amount of gas can go a long way in whipping up a large volume of toppings, whipped cream chargers are ideal for quickly preparing large numbers of cocktails or food items. You’ll find them most often being used by professional bartenders who need to prepare several drinks at once…If you’re holding an event where there’s bound to be lots of hungry guests, these devices can save your staff hours’ worth of prep time!

Quality control:

Even if you don’t care too much about the presentation of your cocktails, adding this factor into the equation is sure to impress your guests. Instead of seeing the same old liquid ingredients in each drink, these bartenders are able to make drinks look like works of art with fluffy clouds of flavor floating on top! They can also be used to create multiple layers by layering airy ingredients with liquid ones; for instance, adding froth on top of a boozy concoction or blending them together for a unique spin on an ice cream float. Keep it classy or go crazy –your choice!

Environmental impact:

Disposable items like dish soap and utensils that are used during food preparation usually end up in landfills. For this reason, many establishments have started switching over from plastic straws and stirrers to reusable metal varieties because the latter is far more sustainable. You can make a similar change to your kitchen by using whipped cream chargers instead of canned whipped toppings!

How Many Times Can You Recharge/Refill These Chargers?

Both nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide chargers are designed to be reused many times before needing to purchase additional chargers—this is also dependent on how many times you purge the cartridge after gas activation. Carbon dioxide chargers can typically be purged 20-30 times before being retired, while nitrous oxide cartridges are meant to be reused until the fill line is no longer visible. If your cartridge still has gas left inside but does not dispense anymore it’s time to retire it. Cartridges need to sit upright at all times or they will lose their pressure – never store them on their side or upside down!

Nitrous oxide chargers are often used for infusions because they do not cause foaming when liquids containing alcohol are introduced (carbon dioxide chargers do)

When refilling carbon dioxide cartridges you must purge 30-40 times before recharging them in order to get rid of any lubricant that may have gotten the cartridge during its last use

Types of whipped cream chargers

These small gas cartridges come in two general types, non-threaded (most common) and threaded. The only real difference is that they are compatible with different kinds of dispensing heads or mechanisms – which can be confusing for those new to the world of cream whippers.

Non-threaded vs. threaded whipped cream chargers

Non-threaded metal whipped cream chargers are, as the name implies, completely smooth on the outside – lacking any external threading or notches. They have a slightly shorter metal stem at their base so they will only fit specific devices.

Threaded whipped cream chargers are just what they sound like. They have external threading at their base that makes them compatible with virtually all whip cream dispensers, even those made by competing brands. Of course, there are exceptions but they’re the minority.

Whipped cream charger compatibility

Non-threaded whipped cream chargers are typically used in conjunction with dispensing mechanisms designed specifically for non-threaded whipper gas cartridges. Most brands call their non-threaded whipper gas cartridges by the same brand name as their dispensing mechanism (i.e. “Genuine cream chargers for iSi whippers”).

The dispensing mechanism for non-threaded whipped cream chargers These mechanisms will only accept non-threaded whipped cream chargers and include a coupler to allow their metal stem to puncture the cartridge upon installation. This is done because these devices are intended to be disposed of after use since it’s difficult to clean the interior mechanism thoroughly.

The dispensing mechanism for threaded whipped cream chargers Dispensing mechanisms designed to be used with threaded canisters like these can accept either non-threaded or threaded cartridges, making them generally more user-friendly. To install a non-threaded charger, simply ensure that the end of the metal stem punctures the cartridge before turning on the gas. These dispensing heads are typically made of plastic and can be cleaned easily.

What’s the difference between them?

Whipping Cream Chargers come in several varieties:

Not Re-Usable: Small single-use chargers. Typically sold in boxes of 100 or 200, these are often (but not always) thicker and larger than the other types. Ideal for small restaurants that want to add a fluffy topping to their dishes without taking up too much space.

Re-Usable: Similar to the single-use variety but designed for one-time use only. Consumers can purchase a charger holder in order to refill them with a standard N2O cream charger gas charger. Flexibility in usage combined with cost-effectiveness makes this an attractive option for home users who don’t have access to bulk nitrous oxide delivery systems.

Are there different types of whipped cream chargers?

Yes! They are non-threaded and threaded whipped cream charger heads. There are two very common types: disposable (one-time use) & re-usable (refillable) dispensing heads.

– Non-threaded vs. threaded whipped cream chargers:

Non-Threaded Whipped Cream Chargers are often sold in bulk quantities, either 100 or 200 at a time, whereas Re-Usable Whipped Cream Chargers are usually sold singularly or in smaller quantities of 20 or so units. Both kinds have their own unique mechanisms & are not interchangeable with the other type. Non-Threaded Whipped Cream Chargers will typically work with any device that dispenses whipped cream whereas Re-Usable Whipped Cream Chargers have to be used with a specific kind of dispenser head – more on that later!

– The Difference:

The main difference between disposable and reusable whipped cream chargers is the way you fill them.

Disposable Whipped Cream Chargers are filled with gas by a specialized charger holder & dispenser that connects directly to the stem of the charger, pushing pressurized gas into its hollow body. When empty, simply throw them away! Reusable Whipped Cream Chargers need to be refilled manually with N2O cream charger cartridges because they have no place for any kind of cartridge.

Disposable Whipped Cream Chargers are easier to use but are also more expensive in the long run whereas Reusable Whipped Cream Chargers are cost-effective but require more maintenance.

How to use a Whipped Cream Charger?

Using whipped cream chargers is relatively easy. They come in two pieces, the cartomizer & the charger holder itself. To use them, follow these steps:

1) Remove the protective plastic cap from your cartomizer

2) Screw on your charger holder

3) Attach either your gas canister or N2O cream charger to its appropriate charging connector

4) Pressurize as per manufacturer’s instructions If using an N2O cream charger, screw it onto the top of the cartomizer until you feel some resistance, then push down firmly for about 5 seconds. The pressure should have built up enough to force the cream out of the cartomizer. If not, continue to pressurize until it does!

Whipped cream is as simple as can be to make: the only ingredients needed are heavy whipping cream, sugar, and a charged cartridge. To begin making it, pour cold heavy cream into a mixing container then attach a charger by screwing it down onto the top of your dispenser – most models have just an on/off switch while some have slightly more advanced controls like adjustable nozzles for different styles of “cream”. Turn on the power and depress the nozzle without removing it for around 15-20 seconds to allow the cream to move through the dispenser system, then slowly remove the nozzle when finished.

**Culinary caution: Never shake a can of whipped cream, even if it’s hand-tightened – this will cause the gas inside to dissolve into the liquid much faster than normal and give you less volume in your final product! It may also damage your dispenser heads.


How do Whipped Cream Chargers work?

Whipped cream chargers work by infusing N2O (nitrous oxide) gas into cold liquid cream under high pressure. This process is called “creaming” and results in tiny air bubbles distributed evenly throughout the mixture that expand as they rise to the surface and release their gas, which creates more volume and a richer texture. Gas-charged whipped cream not only tastes better but also lasts longer & requires less sweetener than regular whipped cream!

How many whipped cream bottles do I need?

– If you’re just going to be using this for personal use, ie topping off desserts at home with friends and family, then one charger would be enough. However, if you’re looking at whipping up some decadent drinks or confections as a career or business opportunity, you’ll want to have several chargers on hand so that they can keep pumping those delights out!

How often will I be refilling my whipped cream canisters?

– Whipped cream chargers run on nitrous oxide (N2O) , which is in itself odorless, tasteless, and non-toxic. However, it’s the bacteria in the cream that causes the bad smells and flavors so when using whipped cream chargers you’ll want to make sure they are kept out of direct sunlight and/or heat to ensure they last as long as possible. If you’re planning on refilling your whipped cream canisters more than once every couple of weeks you may want to consider purchasing a double or triple charger set like this one. This will save money in the long run! Note: Even though these don’t use carbon dioxide (CO 2 ), we recommend keeping them refrigerated – just for added safety.

Can I use whipped cream chargers with my SodaStream?

– Unfortunately, no, the most common SodaStream bottle is only compatible with CO 2 . They have been working on an N2O version of their machine but it’s not yet available in North America or Europe. You can however use your SodaStream to create delicious fizzy water and add a whipped cream charger for that extra touch!

How long will whipped cream chargers remain pressurized?

– Nitrous oxide has a very low boiling point so it remains pressurized until you release all the gas by pushing down on the nozzle. It goes without saying, always keep safety in mind when using these kinds of products! This means keeping track of how many times they’ve been charged and making sure not to charge them more than once. You can tell when your charger is no longer pressurized by shaking it – only a hissing sound will indicate that gas has not built up inside of it.

Can I use these with my children?

– While whipped cream chargers are safe for adults, care should be taken around children as the cartridges involve an element of pressure which could cause injury if punctured or misused in any way. They are best kept out of reach of small children!

How long do whipped cream chargers last?

Whipped cream cartridges should be good for at least one year after their manufacture date if properly stored (ideally before use) in cool temperatures under 70°F (21°C). Once used, they will usually stay good for another 6-12 months provided that you store them away from heat and replace the seals/gaskets on them after each use.

How to dispose of whipped cream chargers?

Nitrous oxide cartridges are considered non-toxic, so unlike standard aerosol cans they won’t cause harm if you happen to ingest it… but accidents can happen while making whipped cream, so do NOT drink this stuff! It’s not good for you. If someone does accidentally swallow it then go get medical help immediately . To dispose of an empty cartridge, puncture it with a nail or other sharp object to prevent pressure buildup before putting it in your trash where its contents might explode under heat or pressure from other refuse. Never put whipped cream chargers in recycling bins!

What Can Be Discharged By A Whipped Cream Charger?

Whipped cream chargers are typically used to dispense whipped cream but can also be used to inflate air into other food products like meringues, souffles & macarons. They should not be used to dispense other food items like, for example, soups. We don’t recommend using them with liquid nitrogen either…

What does A Whipped Cream Charger look like?

The main body is typically constructed out of aluminum alloy whereas the valve assembly is usually brass. They come in two standard shapes, round and oblong.

Whipped cream chargers come in several shapes and sizes but are typically made out of aluminum alloy or another lightweight metal. They’re stored below pressure so they should always be stored upright, kept away from any flammable materials & treated with care when filling or transporting them. Whipped Cream Chargers should only be used by adults after thorough instruction on their appropriate use.


As mentioned above, the best whipped cream chargers are always the awesome stuff that you can count on to enjoy the great taste and flavor of your foods and beverages.

If you love whipped cream, whether it’s on pies, cupcakes, cheesecake or in your morning coffee, whipped cream chargers are an essential kitchen tool for chefs and bakers. With more than one charger available they are also useful for businesses where large quantities are regularly needed. If Nitrous Oxide canisters are too expensive there are alternatives.

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